PAIN is not an option

PAIN is not an option

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Wellness Docs is revolutionizing healthcare as we know it, offering same day scheduling and flexible hours for your convenience. The Wellness Docs clinic is a state-of-the-art health and wellness clinic located in beautiful Cincinnati, Ohio. We hear this question a lot at the clinic; why do we get such amazing results? The answer is quite simple; we don't just focus only on your symptoms! At Wellness Docs, we search for the root cause of your symptoms or health problem. Unlike the conventional healthcare model in society were there is a pill for every ill; the Wellness Docs systematic approach is design to get families truly healthy again and keep them healthy. You might get away with covering up the symptoms for a while but eventually it can, and will catch up with you. We want our patients not to be reliant on drugs and or medications but rather fix the cause of the health problem in the first place.

We utilize the most modern technology out there to measure human physiology and potential. The advance technology we utilize has been proven time and time again to be some of the most successful strategies in American healthcare. Our practice "way of life" is based off measuring the patients' individual physiology to determine what needs to be done to help the patients' health issue. Our motto here at Wellness Docs is: “we must measure in order to get you better.” In other words, we must know where your body “is” in order to get your body where it “needs to be." The human physiology will never lie; our advance testing facility gives us the ability to get to the root cause of your health concerns. Your overall health is at the utmost importance to us here at Wellness Docs. We will do a thorough evaluation on your very first visit, that way we can get to the bottom of any of your health concerns that you have without wasting time.

Additionally, the advance systems used at Wellness Docs facility is based on a whole spectrum approach which is a known to proceed a much better patient outcomes. The reason why we get such amazing results is because we utilize a wide range of healthcare professionals with different multiple backgrounds with multiple perspectives. We have medical doctors, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, physician assistants, nutritionists, pain management doctors, and a sincerely caring support staff.

Our Treatment Services

Join the tens of thousands who have finally experienced TRUE healthcare! Wellness Docs provides healthcare with a lot more "CARE" in it, with proven results, without having to jump from one provider to another. Tired of being passed around from one physician to another without getting anywhere? Get the TRUE solution to your health issue or concern and get back to living LIFE!

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LIFE is too SHORT to let unresolved health issues get in the way of

living YOUR life to the FULLEST.

Melissa Dorn

"They have helped so much with my sciatica and the degenerative disc disease in my back. I like that they do everything natural and don't push harmful medications, pain killers or narcotics. Thank you!"

Eva Garloff

I use to have over 20 migraines a month that were barometrically driven, along with sinus headaches. I started treatment here and in just one week I noticed huge difference. In about a week and a half a storm came through and I simply just napped it away. I am so excited for the future, and I’m already more energetic!

Nicholas Jarman

Second to none. I took a chance trusted in their system and now my body is vino. Refreshed, new, recharged, getting better each day with time thanks to this amazing place that is SECOND TO NONE!

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