New Patients

Step One

Call the Wellness Docs™ clinic at 513-342-1700 to schedule a new patient appointment. Once a new patient appointment has been scheduled you now have the capability to complete all the new patient paperwork ahead of time. Click Here to Download the Forms. Once you have completed the new patient forms please print them off and bring them with you to your appointment.

What Should I bring to My first appointment?

  • Completed New Patient Paperwork
  • Driver License or ID
  • Insurance Card ( If you wish to use health insurance)

Step Two

Please arrive 5-10 minutes early for your appointment. Your new patient appointment will start off with a one-on-one consultation with one of our expert doctors. During this initial consultation we will discuss with you your current health issues, determine a probable cause of your health issues, and assess any prior issues and any damages done by previous failed treatments.

Step Three

Please Note: We do not accept everyone as a patient. Wellness Docs™ is recognized for its exceptional patient outcomes and takes great pride in that. In order for a new patient to be eligible for acceptance, the doctors must first be able to identify the cause of your health issue(s), and feel confident that their customized health plan for you would be successful.

The following health assessments are preformed to ensure the best possible patients outcome:

  • Comprehensive Health and Wellness Evaluation: (including any necessary laboratory tests if needed, will be performed to determine the precise cause of your health issue.)

  • Physical Exam: to determine any misalignments, structural problems or imbalances as well as to uncover sources of any pain.

  • Motion Study Xrays and/or Stress Xrays: (if needed) will be taken to provide a understanding on how and to any potential structural issues are causing your health issues.

Step Four

This is the most important and vital step. This is where the doctor will decide if you would be accepted as a patient. This is where you will be meeting with the doctor and they will be reviewing your examination findings and testing results with your. The Wellness Docs™ team will be reviewing the following information with you:

  • Identify the direct problem causing your health issue(s).
  • How the problem is affecting your health.
  • Action steps needed to restore your health.
  • Timeline on how long it will take to achieve these health goals.
  • What the initial requirements would be to achieve these health goals.
  • Any financial costs associated with the care you would be receiving if you are accepted as a patient.

Congratulations! This is where your journey towards better health begins! Lets get your health back!

Becoming a New Patient at Wellness Docs!


Melissa Dorn

They have helped so much with my sciatica and back degenerative disease. I like they they do everything natural no push of medication pain killers or narcotics all natural. Thank you!

Eva Garloff

I had 20 migraines a month, they are barometrically driven along with sinus headaches. In one week I noticed a difference. In about a week and a half a storm came through and I simply napped it away. I am so excited to see what will happen. We are week two of a twelve week program. And I’m more energetic!

Nicholas Jarman

Second to none. I took a chance trusted in their system and now my body is vino. Refreshed, new, recharged, getting better with time and age thanks to this team that is SECOND TO NONE!

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